How does someone become a “top tier marketer”?  All I know is, I put in a lot of top tier time, all I had was time.  I just wanted to earn some money from home, I just wanted my time to amount to something, I just wanted some self-confidence.  I’ve been online for over 16 years, and spent a lot of it chatting, or “networking” as some people would call it, even before I was involved in any businesses, I was networking with lots of people every day.

I joined EZ Wealth Solution in June 2010 with my own money.  If I had known about paid-to-click sites then, I would also have been using them to accumulate more money.  Lots of people contact me and say they don’t have $10 to join EZ Wealth Solution or $5 to join GetCashConnected.  
I’m going to give you a plan to accumulate enough money to join EZWS/GCC for “FREE”, possibly within DAYS, just by using your time, with no out-of-pocket costs.  
A few people will do this, many will plan to do it, most will not stick with it.  Will you?
* Why do people join programs and then not click, or not promote, or not do anything?
* Those who do, sometimes stop after a few days or a couple weeks. Why?
* There have been people who joined EZ Wealth Solution within less than a month after I did, and gave up, while I stuck with it and earned a great income.
* What makes some people tick, and what makes some people stop ticking sooner than the batteries in their mouse?
Most members of EZ Wealth Solution and GetCashConnected are from USA and Canada, here’s the plan for you to accumulate the money to join for FREE, just from your time…
***ClixSense is not associated with GetCashConnected or EZ Wealth Solution.
Other people may TELL YOU about accumulating free cash online and then snowballing it into a large income, I’m going to prove you CAN do it, even though I didn’t start with “free” money from paid-to-click earnings, it CAN be done!   People wonder why a top tier marketer would suddenly go through paid-to-click sites…because I wanted to find out how they work, if they work, and how long it takes to earn any real money, and the one I found that pays fastest and most is ClixSense.  I don’t just SAY you can earn for free online, I wanted to PROVE to myself that we CAN earn for free online, within a short time, and have enough money for other things:

Here are current screenshots from today, January 3, 2014:

ClixSense (You CAN earn $5 to $10 within a week and put it into…)
EZ Wealth Solution
You see that it’s possible to earn actual dollars from ClixSense within a few days, by yourself, without renting referrals, and members in North America can get paid twice per week, free members of ClixSense can cash out with $8 in earnings.  I highly recommend ClixSense above all other paid-to-click sites because you can earn more money, more quickly, by yourself, than from any other ptc site.  ClixSense pays us for completed Offers on our next cashout day, and doesn’t make us wait 30 days for commissions from Offers.  It also has a 5% daily cash bonus for free members if you complete the Daily Checklist, and many more ways to earn faster free cash than other ptc sites.
What you do with your earnings is up to you.  You can go buy junkfood, or you can put your earnings into a business opportunity.
As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t use ptc sites before I joined EZ Wealth Solution because I didn’t know about ptc sites, I joined EZWS with my own money, not from ptc earnings.  I’m making this blog post to show you that you CAN earn from paid-to-click sites for FREE, and then put your earnings into a business opportunity and earn more.  Some people think everything costs money, I want to show you how to join businesses by using your time first, if that’s all you have, and that’s what most of us have to spare, lots of time.
Ron Walsh once asked me to share my safelist ads and tweets for EZ Wealth Solution with a member who was not in my paylines,
because that member was homeless, living in a car, and using a library computer.  I’ve never heard of any other business owner
who contacted his top earner and asked that, and I’ve never heard of any other top earner who agreed to a request like that.
There are lots of people who completely depend upon the income they can earn online.  Are there lots of owners and top earners
who would willingly go out of their way to help one individual?
I wrote a lot of my own ads that brought in lots of leads and signups, so much so that Ron Walsh also wanted to use parts of my ads
as some of the official promo tools for all members of EZ Wealth Solution since 2011. I’ve been the current top earner since mid-2011.   If you understand a business extremely well, and if you are allowed to create your own ads, it’s a great idea because you’ll be unique, not just using the ads that are provided to you.  You really want to stand out from the thousands of other members who are using company-written ads, because those have been seen thousands of times by thousands of people.
1. What’s your motivating force?  Does it stay in your mind constantly?
2. Can you enthusiastically study a business for hours per day?
3. Does the owner of the business care about the members?
4. Can you maintain longterm focus on promoting one business?
5. Can you be unique in your promotions?
6. Will you follow up with your leads and offer them your best advice when they join?
In the summer of 2010, I was just recently divorced, actually my divorce papers were signed within the same week I joined EZWS, and
I couldn’t afford a one-bedroom apartment at that time, I felt totally lost and was spending lots of time searching for a place I could afford, which was no place.  No money, no place.  So I completely understand when people say they don’t have $5 to join something.
Shortly before that, one of my older sisters died suddenly at age 50, she had been disabled since birth, and was an extremely hard-working person.  My motivation was in maximum overdrive, just knowing I was an able-bodied person, I knew I could turn my situation around somehow.
In addition to that, the man I was planning to marry had been hit by a car and seriously injured and couldn’t return to his job, and our marriage plans were postponed indefinitely.  Those were life-altering situations that spurred my motivation forward and kept my enthusiasm for my online pursuits in high gear.  Life is short and can end quickly and unexpectedly.  I put myself into my highest motivation all day, every day, for months, and put my full focus onto promoting EZ Wealth Solution during most of my waking hours, and that was many more waking hours than most people put into their offline jobs or online jobs.
Don’t wait for many life-altering situations to put you into high gear, do it immediately if you can, put your focus onto a business and keep your focus on it UNTIL you earn enough to pay your living expenses and live your life.
FOCUS seems to be a bad word for some people, they don’t want to hear it or think about it!  When I asked my EZWS team of several hundred people to put their full focus on EZWS for a few days and stop promoting everything else, only 2 people agreed to do it!   If you want to earn a lot of money from one business, you need to focus on one business for a prolonged amount of time.  You  need to make every ad you post to be about that one business.  
No matter what “training” we get online, the main event in gaining signups is…networking.  Before I joined EZWS, I had been networking daily at Adlandpro Community for over 4 years, just having chat conversations and goofing around and just being there on a regular basis.  That foundation helped me greatly in gaining dozens of signups for many businesses prior to joining EZWS and then gaining a rock-solid foundation in my EZWS income.  I’ve had the largest-membership and most popular business/advertising forum at Adlandpro Community for nearly 8 years.  If you want an online income, start immediately with networking and stick with it daily, and “networking” is chatting, being there, being in the same places online daily so people can easily find you, and sticking with it, and studying your business, and being able to help people, and believing them when they say they don’t have $5, because $5 is the world when we don’t have it, and trying to provide a way for them to get it, and providing a pathway for them to follow.  ClixSense, EZWS/GCC (Ron Walsh) and Adlandpro Community are all longterm ways to gain your online income, if you stick with them, study them, and utilize them daily.

EZ Wealth Solution is YOU being responsible for driving traffic to your site,
and then YOU being responsible to follow up with your tour-takers.

When people say, “EZWS doesn’t work for me.” Guess what? It works the same for everyone,
YOU need to consistently and enthusiastically promote it and follow up.

Consistency + Enthusiasm = Great Results

Consistency + Enthusiasm + FollowUp = Explosive Results

Kathleen VanBeekom, DAILY promoter of EZWS since June 2010.

Well over 1,000 days of promoting, enthusiasm, followup, largest & most active group, most likely THE current top earner since summer 2011.


Who’s typing do you choose to believe, and what does that say about you?

The internet is full of typing, what’s the source?

Here are 2 of my recent Spreecasts, thanks for watching, thinking, and considering your own habits while reading the typing of identified or unidentified typists.

Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom

Thanks for watching my recent Spreecasts…with focus on EZ Wealth Solution!   I was hesitant to start doing these but now I’ve made 6 consecutive days of Spreecasts, these are the 2 that are getting the most views: 

* Saturday, April 6th, was hilarious…thanks for helping this trend on Spreecast…also featuring Tom Wacker:

* Sunday, April 7th, was all about the F word in marketing (on a Sunday!):  FOCUS!

Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom

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Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom


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